The most popular MLM software companies to watch out for in 2018

MLM software is an integral part of every MLM business because it holds the foundation of the business and real MLM software that is very accurate, fast and perfect to meet your expectations is essential. It is important to choose the right developer who will meet our software requirements, after all, there is no room for error in your business. Here are the best MLM software development companies on the market along with their rankings and employee strength to help you make the right choice. There are no specific criteria for ranking developers, although given features, customization options, and available add-ons may be considered to rank.
I took these parameters into account when ranking MLM software development companies.

I have prepared this list based on internet searches, magazine references and word of mouth information.

1. Infinite MLM software from IOSS

IOSS is a pioneer in MLM software development in India with more than a decade of experience in developing such software. Their Infinite MLM Software has the largest number of MLM plans integrated into it. Payment options are very secure and reliable, and a number of add-ons are available that can be easily integrated with the software. These include e-pin, e-wallet, CRM integration, Bitcoin promotion and cryptocurrency development. Users also have the ability to customize the software to their needs and compensation and payment schemes. There are options for handling multiple languages ​​and currencies.

Alexa rank: 383,389

2.MLM Softworks

MLM software developed by MLM Softworks, an Indian company that claims to have a solution for managing, controlling and organizing MLM business. Built on Laravel, the software is very fast and allows the administrator to configure a custom payment plan and compensation rules. The software includes essential features such as social media integration, distributor and downstream management, handling MLM leads, processing commissions and payouts, enabling or disabling dynamic compression, tracking sales volume, profitability statistics, and more.

Alexa rank: 3,048,051


The company offers a 100% customizable script, which is common in most MLM software on the market these days. A content management system is a very useful tool for users without much technical knowledge to easily update the content of their business website. The CRM feature helps promote business by generating automated responses to queries. The software offers a multi-engine URL to help check the volume of purchases, rank and number of legs. The price is moderate and the company offers a range of services related to MLM business such as website development, mobile application development, etc. The company offers lifelong support and technical advice for any type of software problem.

Alexa rank: 564,315

4. Awapal MLM

The developers described Awapal MLM as ‘Software with great features given for different business needs’. In addition to the above basic features, the software has a set up CRM system so that distributors can send mass emails and automated responses to their customers. The software supports multiple languages ​​and even has a currency converter added to observe the possibility of doing business abroad. An E-Voucher Generator has been introduced and there is the possibility of easy mass import / export of data. Transferring funds to different accounts is extremely easy with the built-in e-wallet sound system. There are options to generate different types of reports and inventory management is no longer a difficult task with Awapal MLM.

Alexa rank: 700,567

5. VentaForce of Sankalpa

Ventaforce claims to have built in more than 150 features. Developed by Indian company Sankalp, which has been operating for more than 10 years, the software includes all the basic features expected from MLM software along with additional features such as multilingual support, multi-currency management, tax management, e-commerce integration, commission management, more suppliers and more. All popularly adopted MLM plans are built into the software. There are pre-integrated payment gateways that enable secure and secure transactions. Together with the Admin and Member modules, multi-level marketing software provides a variety of additional modules with various effortless business management functions.

Alexa rank: 890,686


This MLM software is very sensitive to anything from a computer to a mobile phone and has merged all major business plans along with a whole set of commission calculations and payment schemes. An additional feature is the content management system (CMS) that allows the user to update product information and other content on the website without much knowledge of HTML. Genealogy is presented in graphical form, and the software also supports multiple languages. An e-pin Generator is provided to reduce the possibility of fraud, and an e-wallet has been added to ensure fast and easy transactions.

Alexa rank: 982,719

7. Multisoft Corporation

Market Power Pro by Multisoft Corporation is third on the list of the top ten MLM companies. The software is packed with many essential features such as real-time genealogy, website management tools, automatic billing options and more! The company is headquartered in Nevada, USA and has been in business for over 30 years. Competitive pricing and security features are commendable for this MLM software. Almost all types of MLM business plans and its compensation schemes are built into this software. The administrator can manage all users, both distributors and customers, from a single central cloud-based system that helps easily manage the entire business.

Alexa rank: 1,766,696

8. EifaSoft Technologies

EifaSoft MLM software company EifaSoft Technologies is based in India and has managed to meet the expectations of MLM software. Eifasoft Technologies claims that EifaSoft MLM is secure, reliable, user-friendly and web-based MLM software that allows easy tracking of customers, various types of sales reports, revenue, analytical and pictorial presentation in a genealogical way of MLM customers. The software has a responsive design so it can be used in any design without any problems. All basic utilities such as E-Pin generator, e-commerce, SMS and e-wallet are integrated with the software. The only major drawback is that the company does not offer a free trial of the software.

Alexa rank: 1,976,211

9. IMAtrix software

With more than two decades of experience in MLM software development, IMAtrix is ​​an American company that has a pretty impressive clientele to boast. The software is full of features you would expect from a leading software provider and allows the user to see their bottom line in graphical format, determine their current qualifications and current earnings. The software is practically easy to use and visually appealing. This software can also work with multiple currencies, payment options and multiple languages. Members can access their real-time information anywhere, anytime, from any supported device.

Alexa rank: 7,589,451

10. AJ Matrix MLM software

AJ Matrix is ​​a PHP-based MLM software developed by the British company AJ Matrix. The software has all the features expected of MLM software. The software customizes all MLM business plans in the market and integrates E-Pin Management together with it. There are options for customizing the software according to the needs of the client. The company promises its customers 24×7 support by phone and email. The software could be equipped to automatically adjust the overflow and can calculate bonuses and commissions.

Alexa rank: 13,282,170

Links to the websites of the four largest companies are listed below. Check them out!

1. Infinite MLM software from IOSS –

2.MLM Softworks –


4. Awapal MLM –

There are MLM software companies that are growing around the world on a daily basis. It is a difficult choice, we agree, to choose something that can decide the fate of your business. Although there are endless choices in the market, we have managed to select some based on overall functionality and price as our top priority. I hope this list will help you make the final choice! Cheers for a successful MLM business career.